Solar power as an alternative renewable source of energy has been debated by experts and stakeholders to be the viable option towards sustainability in power supply owing to the unrelenting epileptic power situations. Globally, efforts are been made at country levels to metamorphose into a green energy era because of the diverse benefits it portends with the major being the support that renewable energy systems provide for human ecosystem.

In Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy and population, the Ministry of Power is set to disengage from using electricity from the national grid to power its activities at its headquarters in Maitama Abuja, and subsequently turn to a hybrid solar mini grid network expected to be installed on its rooftop by a consortium. Acording to the lead project company – Proserve Energy Services Limited, the system would cost about $2.5 million to install with a 750-kilowatts (kW) daytime and 75kW night time generation capacity. Similar sectorial efforts are been made to salvage the backlog trend in clean energy renaissance.

But attaining a breakthrough in this pursuit is not a solo-objective to be pursued by one entity alone. It is a collective goal to be achieved by all stakeholders in the public, private, nongovernmental, and governmental sectors. There is a high demand for awareness creation and sensitization.

This time Solar Bank Africa, is making a big leap by taking center stage to make impact in the industry. The company organizaed the Solar Energy Workshop @ AUST (Africa University of Science and Technology) in 2017. In attendance was Prof. Sani Sambo OON (Former DG, Energy Commission of Nigeria), Dr Vitalis.

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