Work plan

Solar Bank Africa has become an industry name and standard in executing partial and full-fledged turnkey solar power projects and services for clients. With a proven track record in providing customized, turnkey solar solutions to an array of businesses including, nonprofits, and government clients in Nigeria, Solar Bank Africa has garnered a portfolio of commercial happily client. For each project, our goal is to exceed client’s expectations through a most cost-effective and trouble-free solution.

Solar Bank Africa’s staff are trained and experienced in a wide array of roof types including various metal, membrane, and asphalt roofs; both flat and pitched. Whether large or small, all solar designs begin with a site survey. Onsite visits, in conjunction with discussion with the project promoters, we are able to produce project-specific information necessary to the success of each project. Information generated includes but not limited to:

•Solar array placement options (roof, ground, carport, etc.),
•Solar array orientation and shading analysis relative to local weather patterns and isolation levels
•Summary of existing electrical and/or thermal systems to assess or accommodate solar components.
•Structural, mechanical and electrical code compliance engineering considerations.
•Design optimization considering all factors (climate, utility rate tariffs, government subsidies, customer requirements and economic goals of the project).